LED's save some energy!

LED lights have many advantages, especially compared to other light sources. LED lamps are very energy efficient, which means they do not only save you money, but are also beneficial for the environment. So it's not only advantageous for your own household, you are also doing your bit for a more sustainable society.

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Advantages of LED lighting

LED lights are not only a great way to provide the perfect atmosphere in your home, they also have many other advantages.


• LED lights have a huge lifespan, they last way longer than other types of lighting;

• They are available in a wide range of colours, including warmer tones;

• LED lights work immediately in full intensity;

• Unlike incandescent lamps, they don't get hot, which makes them less flamable;

• LED lighting does not contain any dangerous substances;

• The range of LED lights is huge, they are even suitable for outside use.

Did you know that...

LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs or other types of lighting. To compare: an incandescent lamp lasts approximately 1,000 hours, a halogen lamp 3,000 hours and an energy saving lamp between 5,000 and 10,000 hours. LED bulbs last on average 20,000 hours or more. If your LED lamp breaks down after this time, you have already had to replace 20 bulbs in that time. Apart from the energy savings, the cost of a LED bulb alone therefore quickly pays for itself.

LED lights and sustainability

In contrast to other light sources, LED lighting uses much less electricity. This is not only great for your wallet, but also for the environment. Because so much less power is consumed, LED contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. If everyone were to switch to LED lamps, we would all be able to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.


In addition, LED built-in spotlights do not contain any toxic substances such as mercury. This is a substance that is used in other light sources and is also very harmful to the environment.

Did you know that... 

LED lamps use 90 to 95 percent of the electricity to produce light? An old-fashioned incandescent lamp only uses three to nine percent, the rest is given off as heat. This saving of up to 90 percent is also reflected in your wallet on your annual energy bill. If you were to replace all bulbs in your home with LED lamps, you would save as much as 90 per cent on your electricity costs for lighting.


LED and recycling

Because LED lamps last so much longer than normal lamps, less waste is produced. You only have to replace the LED lamps once every 10-20 years, while with halogen or energy saving lamps this is much more often. Because recycling electronic products is always a difficult job, it's a good thing you don't have to do it so often with LED lighting. Should your LED bulb fail over time, you can recycle it in the same way as with other types of light. Keep it separate and take it to a special container for electronic products.

Different categories of LED lighting

At Nedis we offer a wide range of LED lighting. Whether you need light bulbs, indoor lights or outdoor lights, work lighting, decorative lighting, torches, replacement lamps, or fun & disco lighting, the choice is yours.


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Control the hue and brightness of your SmartLife LED bulbs remotely or automatically. Set the perfect scene for every occasion.

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