How to protect against mosquitoes

News headlines increasingly feature mosquitoes that transmit various infectious diseases in Europe. There have been several outbreaks of the dengue fever in France and the West Nile virus in Southern Europe this summer. A new Asian mosquito has also been discovered that thrives in urban areas and could cause massive malaria outbreaks.

Mosquito survival areas are expanding

Mosquitoes can survive better today thanks to two different factors. Firstly, mosquitoes thrive in higher temperatures. Further global warming creates a larger survival area. Secondly, mosquitoes are mutating. The new Asian mosquito, for example, is better able to survive in (human) polluted water. The insects therefore have a greater chance of survival in areas where they were previously unable to survive.

Mosquito Traps

Therefore, it is important that you are well protected. Eliminate mosquitos, flies, wasps and other annoying flying insects with these Nedis® insect killers. Perfect for outdoor use so you can enjoy long nights outside without being bitten. There are no chemicals involved which is eco-friendly and safe to both humans and the environment. Including removable and washable collecting tray for easy cleaning.

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